New Product Launch

GREENLON® (365 EVERYDAY eco-friendly)

Nylon Recycled & Solution Dyed Yarn

Continuing the theme of environmental awareness in 2015, Chain Yarn presents both the finest and the thickest nylon recycled and dope dyed yarn ( nylon recycled solution dyed ) to the market.

GREENLON ®recycled was collected from pre-consumer textile off-grade , then reproduced to 100% recycled yarns without chemical treatments and polymerization. After different textile processing stages, those yarn wastes are given new lives and can be re-made into all kinds of textile products in the market.

GREENLON ®dyefree is a non-dyed production process that combined with high fastness of the nylon master batch to create energy-saving, two-color effect and excellent color fastness of the affinity of nylon textile.

Textile industry has caused serious pollution

Textile industry has caused serious pollution. Energy consumption, emissions of waste material, and clothing disposal have all caused a series of pollution and destruction to our environment. Public attentions towards environmental issues has risen which gives textile industry pressure to make a change, the textile awareness of environmental protection thus rise gradually.

Carbon dioxide

Future earth: The climate is changing so fast. In just 250 years, global warming was increasing almost 1 Celsius degree. Most of the scientists said that it will be two Celsius degree hotter in the next 50years, Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are the main killer for global warming.