Online Process Tour

GREENLON® products emphasize the affinity for the environment, including: recycled yarn, dope dyed (solution dyed) and recycled dope dyed yarn (recycled solution dyed yarn) . With the online tour you can learn more about the process of GREENLON® products.


Collecting nylon off-grade yarn


Recycling sublimate and luster classification ( BR/ SD/ FD)


Recycling mixing system

Nylon off-grade yarn through the recycling mixing system, it goes with melting and filtering to produce Greenlon ® nylon recycled chips of spinning grade


The color master batch is added to the nylon melting process


Spinning Process

Nylon Recycled Dope Dyed

Nylon Recycled Dope Dyed

At the spinning process of recycled nylon, color masterbatch could be added into the polymer melt and directly spinning out recycled nylon fibers with vivid colors. It can skip the fabric dyeing process and avoid producing pollutions